Copy of About Us

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“ Inspiring, fun, colorful, creative and definitely out of the ordinary ”.

Your quest for finding just the right products for your home ends at Chokhat. We’re all about presenting new ways of seeing and experiencing your home. 


No matter how much you plan for things, how many variables you account for, how many shocks you predict, big things in life happen as and when they need to. And that is the story of how my brainchild, Chokhat, was born. A house is a family’s biggest investment and we wish to help them make their dream home come true.

– Prachi Bhatia, Founder


Why Chokhat?

When we think of Designer Products, we usually consider them to be expensive and exceeding the budget. Chokhat however was born with the idea of bridging this gap between Designer Products and The Price.

We very much understand the needs and the budgets of every middle-class family and therefore ensure that our products are available at affordable prices and in various designs to them with a big difference from the ones available in shops where neither the designs nor the quality is good and the choices are limited.

At Chokhat we apply simple production methods in order to bring down the final cost of the product without compromising on the final quality and the durability of product.


Naming Chokhat!

Even when I was working, I had a list of names for my company. I used to plan out small details about this dream, one that would most definitely actualize, whenever I had time. I shortlisted two names out of the list that I had, and asked my friends and family to vote. On day of Ganesh Chaturthi that year, Chokhat was born.


What we are today!

We have been receiving good feedback from our customers, with regards to our designs and the quality of our products. So, we believe that slowly but steadily, we are moving towards gaining that trust and hopefully, there will be day when Chokhat is the name that immediately comes to people’s minds when they think about home décor or gifting, and if things work out the way we want them to, furniture as well. We might have a long way to go for that, but we will get there.