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Welcome to Chokhat!

Fun, new, refreshing, unique, you.
Founded by Prachi Bhatia, Chokhat is a brand in Home Decor and Serveware products. We strive to be refreshing, and give you products that stands out in the crowd, the odd one out.

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Our Story

“ Inspiring, fun, colourful, creative and

definitely out of the ordinary ”.

Your quest for finding just the right products for your home ends at Chokhat. We’re all about presenting new ways of seeing and experiencing your home.

No matter how much you plan for things, how many variables you account for, how many shocks you predict, big things in life happen as and when they need to. And that is the story of how my brainchild, Chokhat, was born. A house is a family’s biggest investment and we wish to help them make their dream home come true

– Prachi Bhatia

The simple idea behind Chokhat is to create what I, as a customer, couldn’t find the market, and that was freshness. Everywhere you look, you’ve got the same product everywhere, with minor changes.
The same old style of products has created a monotony in the market, and customers are getting bored and tired. At Chokhat, we believe that we’re surrounded by magic by all sides, at all points of time.
We have birds, insects, the sky, animals, and their habits. They’re all full of magic, and the core mind-set behind Chokhat is trying to capture that magic in our products.

Even when I was working, I had a list of names for my company. I used to plan out small details about this dream, one that would most definitely actualize, whenever I had time. I shortlisted two names out of the list that I had, and asked my friends and family to vote. On day of Ganesh Chaturthi that year, Chokhat was born. Chokhat is the first step into your house, first step into your happiness.
We have also been receiving good feedback from our customers, with regards to our designs and the quality of our products. So, we believe that slowly but steadily, we are moving towards gaining that trust and hopefully, and if things work out the way we want them to, there will be day when Chokhat is the first name that immediately comes to people’s minds when they think about home decor or gifting.
We might have a long way to go for that, but we will get there.
Deepika Kulshrestha, Delhi

Got the Basket. It's beautiful. I would like to mention the packaging especially. It was so perfectly packed. Thank you

Vinda Thali, Bangalore

Totally in love with the Bunny Silhouette Tray. It definitely adds up to the glamour quotient of our kitchen utilities. I would strongly recommend my friends to visit Chokhat, if interested in purchasing quirky essentials. It shall never fail to amuse you!

Vijayabarathi Gopalkrishnan, Tamil Nadu

I like the basket. It is just as it was illustrated on your website. Good job. All the Best

Shikha Tangri, Spain

Thank you so much Chokhat for this beautiful jar. It's a treasure. Your products are too good. Keep Going.

Mayuri Verma, Maharashtra

Want to tell you that the package arrived! So so happy with the packaging! And the Ceramics! Wow! So so so amazing. I am so happy that I chose you. Shall kee shopping more. tahe dil se shukriya.

Hema Bindu, Maharashtra

My most awaited stuff arrived. Thank you so much. Packaging was just amazing. Total care was taken, it's just awesome.

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