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4 Ways you can use Bunny Jars :)


Blog by Rhythm Bhatia (theeyesme)

This New Years, we’ve got so much awesomeness cooking up at the Chokhat! Here are 4 ways you can use our Bunny Jars.

1.Store all your cool Accessories

A fun way to jazz up your dressing table! Add your hair clips, rubber bands, earrings or anything you want and add a fun little element that takes you back to nature and it’s beautiful characteristics. Click on the image of you are inspired by any of these ideas and would like to buy our Bunny Jars!

2. Use it for storage on your work Desk

Need a quirky addition to your study table or work desk? Our bunny jars add that fun element to your work. It gives your eyes, and your mind, a break from the monotonous work or student life. You can also store small snacks in them and keep snacking while you work hard!

3. A Quirky Gift for any Occasion

Gifting can get quite monotonous and similar when there are as many gifting occasions in a month as there are months in a year. You’ve got birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and what not. You can pack things like chocolates, dry fruits, etc to bunny jars and it gifts it just like that! A gift and packaging all in one!

4. A Nightstand Decor

Remembering something when you’re half asleep and then having to get up in the middle of the night to get it is the worst. If you’re a midnight snacker, store food items and snack away without having to get up! If you’re a dedicated worker and come up with ideas when you’re trying to sleep, keep some pens and papers and write your heart out!

Click the image to shop these.

We hope you loved our ideas and try them out on your friends and family! For more inspiration head to our gifting page right here. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get regular updates on exciting products.


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